The Wanderer: Fen Abelas

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The Basics

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The Basics

Forest Name: Fridtjov Rehw-Dvre
City Name: Fen Abelas
Age: 30
Birthday: 28th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon
Race: Rava Viera
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual, male leaning
Hair: Light blue with pink highlights
Eyes: Pink in right, blue in left
Height: 6' 10"
Distinguishing Marks: Scar on left eye, multiple scars along his back, full body tattoos including a black tribal tattoo under his left eye.
Common Accessories: Glasses, and he always has his hair tied up and back. The only time he puts it down is when he's going to sleep.
Profession: Mercenary, parttime bartender and host
Hobbies: Botany, exploring new lands, collecting various books, and sewing
Residence: Old Sharlyan
Birthplace: Golmore Jungle
Patron Deity: Oschon, the Wanderer
Fears: Dying alone
TRAITS ––– -
Extroverted / In Between / Introverted
Disorganized / In Between / Organized
Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded
Calm / In Between / Anxious
Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable
Cautious / In Between / Reckless
Patient / In Between / Impatient
Outspoken / In Between / Reserved
Leader / In Between / Follower
Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic
Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic
Traditional / In Between / Modern
Hard-working / In Between / Lazy
Cultured / In Between / Uncultured
Loyal / In Between / Disloyal
Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful
Smoking Habit: Always / Sometimes / Never
Drugs: Always / Sometimes / Never
Alcohol: Always / Sometimes / Never
Bartender {Common}
Being souly a mercenary for hire doesn't exactly bring in the most steady flow of coin. So when Fen isn't hired on some mercenary job, you can find him behind the counter at a local inn or tavern. His first gig was working at the Rose Hall-- the go to place for concerts and plays. He loves chit-chatting it up with patrons and learning what they have to say. He's also known to show off behind the counter whether it's while he's making drinks or deciding to play a little tune on his lute (once a bard, always a bard!)
Gleaner {Common}
Before Fen became a mercenary for hire, he was a Gleaner for the people of Old Sharlayan. Not only was he part of a very large group of individuals, but his previous job sent him out on many different adventures. During his travels, he was bound to run into countless folk!
Mercenary {Common}
Bartending and adventuring isn't the only thing Fen currently does to earn some extra Gil here and there. Working also as a mercenary to pick up some odds and ends jobs, Fen isn't the type of man to question whatever job he's picked up to hunt. Using his skills he learned as a Wood Warder in training, Fen is deadly with a bow.
Golmore Jungle Native {Rare}
Not many people know of Fen's past. Only those close to him know of the scars he left behind. Fen was originally born and spent his young life and into early adulthood in the Golmore Jungle. Although the jungle is quite vast, there are countless Viera tribes who call their home here. Have people from his own clan survived the attack from the IVth Legion? Or are there others who suffered the same fate as his clan?
Discord: Nikkithederp#0827

Fen's History

Early Life

Fen's life began in the Golmore Jungle where he trained to be a hunter and Wood-warder for his tribe. His Ward, an already well established archer among Fen's tribe, brought Fen under his wing and taught him everything he knew. The Viera's name was Damir. He was a veteran hunter, and well respected among the elders of the tribe. Not only was Damir Fen's Ward, but the older Viera was like a father to him.
Most of Fen's childhood memories consisted with him exploring and training in the thick jungle. One skill that Fen particularly honed in on was his ability to use his surroundings to his advantage. He could easily climb the tall Golmore trees with ease, using them as easy sniper points for his bow.
When not training, one of Fen's favorite things to do was to try and climb the tallest tree he could find, perching up at the top to try and see what was beyond the jungle. Fen was always curious about what laid beyond his home. A lot of the time, this curiosity would get Fen into trouble leading Damir needing to get the other out of trouble. That same curiosity continued on into his adulthood.Damir, along with many other members of the tribe, was slaughtered in a brutal raid by Garlean forces, one of many attacks on the Golmore Jungle. The Ivth Imperial Legion would strengthen their foothold in the Golmore Jungle, Fen and the few remaining survivors escaping. They spent many months wandering the jungle, trying to find a way to escape the ever present IVth Legion. Many of those who did escape split off from the group to live their lives in solitude amongst the jungle to try and strike down the Garlean forces that destroyed their home.

Old Sharlayan

Fen, along with just a handful of others, eventually made their way to the Old Sharlyan, feeling their old homeland all together. It was definitely a culture shock for Fen at first. Not only did the hustle and bustle of Old Sharlayan absolutely terrify the Viera, but he had never seen so many different people all mixed together at once. It was now that he realized just how sheltered his life was back in the Golmore Jungle: no fault on his own or his clan. It's just how things were. It was there that Fen began his life as a Gleaner. Making use of his tracking skills, Fen traveled around Eorzea and surrounding lands to gather various wildlife.It was during his time as a Gleaner that Fen started to collect books. Each time Fen would go to a new land, he would make sure to grab a new book. It didn't take long until his small collection turned into a bit of a problem in his small studio apartment in Old Sharlayan. His collection grew with each passing trip and errand he would run for his higher ups in Old Sharlayan, collecting this and that.With this vast new hobby of his, Fen did come across a tome or two on creatures of the Void. This discovery came early on in Fen's career as a Gleaner. While on a mission to the South Shroud to locate and bring back a rare species of plant found in the area, Fen discovered one of many abandoned burial tombs hidden deep within the forest. It was in this very tomb where Fen found the old tomes on Voidsent. Or, as he later came to reflect on it, maybe it wanted him to find it. Drawn to it, or just out of plain curiosity, Fen snagged the tome for himself. And with his new discovery, and the plant he came to the South Shroud in the first place in hand, he made his way back home to Old Sharlayan. It wasn't until he got back to his little hovel of an apartment in Old Sharlayan that he finally decided to take a deeper look at the tomes he snagged from the tomb. Upon reading, whispers of countless voices flooded his head. It was then he came face with the Voidsent he'd later make a pact with; a pact made by the promise of vengeance against those who murdered his family. This point in time, the pact that Fen had made with the Voidsent hasn't really caused any trouble. If anything, the two have developed a symbiotic relationship. The two depending on the other to get what they want, learning how to work together.Currently, Fen calls Gridania his home.

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